How many time have we head the statement that the best remodel you can do for your home is to remodel and update your kitchen. I work with a lot of Realtors and when they see the pictures of a remodeled home in the MLS they always look at the kitchen picture first and sometimes that is all they bother with. Why? Well it is because this is where the most important money is spent. If a quality job was not done in the kitchen the there is no point in looking at the rest of the home. They know their client will not be interested unless they are looking for a home to work on themselves.



So what kind of kitchen appeals to the largest group of buyers? A modern sleek kitchen, that is easy to clean and easy to entertain.  A place where guests can hang out while you cook and has plenty of countertop space to set the food and drinks on.  And a very important aspect is storage and lots of it. With lots of storage you can keep the counters clutter free and has better Feng Shui.

Some kitchens are both the kitchen and the family room. A space where you and your guests can really relax and still be in the kitchen is so much fun. Of course to do this you need a bar that you can sit at for meals and another dining space when you want everyone to gather and sit at a table for a more formal meal or just your daily family dinner.



Everyone wants an open concept floor plan so most kitchens open into the family room and if there is a living room at all it is usually on the other side of the house and I hate to say it but they are really used. So weather you are hanging out with your family or having a large party with some of you friends or clients I can assure everyone will spend most of their time where the kitchen is in sight. When doing a remodel spend your money there.

Talk Soon with more ideas!!!